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Linda Fanaras of Millennium Agency talks about the value she gets from BIA membership.

Val Zanchuk, president of Graphicast, explains how businesses in NH benefit from BIA.

Work Opportunities Unlimited's Susannah Chance explains some of the many ways members can get involved in BIA.

"Those of us who run small businesses know that the resources that we have are very limited. We have to concentrate on our customers and our operation. So its comforting to know that my membership in the BIA allows us to have ears and eyes and a voice at the Statehouse."

Gerardine Ferlins, President and CEO, Cirtronics Corporation

"BIA is on the forefront of any issue of concern to the business community in its role as an advocate for a pro-business environment. I think any professional service provider could serve their clients better the more thorough an understanding and knowledge they have about those issues their clients face on a daily basis. The BIA helps me gain that understanding."

​Scott Ellison, Partner, Cook Little Rosenblatt and Manson

"The BIA is really an extension of your company. What makes the BIA so special is that they're really conscientious about taking the time to get to know your business. And the relationship is truly ongoing year after year. It doesn't change from the beginning of your relationship to years into it. In fact, I think over time it becomes much more enhanced."

​Susanna Whitcher, VP of Marketing and Public Affairs, Elliot Health System

"The BIA does an excellent job of distilling information effectively and efficiently so I can make effective business decisions and understand the developments across the street at the capital or in the regulatory environment that impact my business."

Donald Baldini, AVP and Senior Legislative Counsel, Liberty Mutual Group