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Manufacturing & End Users Policy Committee

The charge of the Manufacturing & End Users Policy Committee is to deliberate over environmental compliance and energy challenges and develop recommendations for BIA's advocacy work. Discussions in the areas of energy and environmental compliance will take place in the context of what is important to the success of manufacturers and large-end users who drive the state’s economy.  Note that telecommunications issues will be addressed by BIA’s Economic Development Policy Committee.

The Manufacturing & End Users Policy Committee will typically meet the 4th Friday of the month. Meetings are currently held on Zoom. Unless warranted, meetings are not typically held in June, July, or August.

Meeting Agenda

Friday, December 10, 2021

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


Chair: Jeffrey Mathis, BAE Systems
Vice Chair: Tony Giunta, Nobis Group

Please note that BIA’s policy committee meetings are for BIA members only and guests of the BIA.


  1. Welcome & Introductions – Including the BIA’s new Director of Public Policy, Kirsten Koch
  2. Speakers – Donna Gamache of Eversource and Marc Brown of the Consumer Energy Alliance will each provide updates relating to the Public Utilities Commission’s ruling on the Triennial Energy Efficiency Plan.
  3. Discussion on the BIA’s position on the PUC’s Ruling on the Triennial Energy Efficiency Plan
  4. 2022 LSR Overview – A general overview of the energy and environmental legislative service requests and bills that will be going through the House and Senate in the 2022 legislative session.
  5. BIA 2021 New Hampshire Energy Symposium – This year the Energy Symposium will take place virtually on Tuesday, December 14 and Wednesday, December 15. The panel topics include: 2022 Winter Energy Outlook, Energy Efficiency Resource Standards, Energy Storage, What’s Next, Updates from the Department of Energy, and Sustainable Energy in Businesses.
  6. Adjourn 

Meeting Schedule 2021

​December 10, 2021


Jeffrey Mathis
​BAE Systems


Vice Chair:
Tony Giunta
​Nobis Group


BIA Staff Contact:
Kirsten Koch
603-224-5388 x112