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BIA Energy Program

With the volatility of the New England energy market, New Hampshire businesses need to find new and creative ways to mitigate risk and manage costs. The BIA Energy  Program offers a full range of integrated energy solutions for its member businesses.

Your company will benefit from:

  • A dedicated energy adviser and team of market analysts – As an extension of your team, we work with you to craft strategies, evaluate energy projects, advise on rebates and incentives as well as regulatory or legal changes, and act as liaison with suppliers and vendors.
  • Local presence and knowledge – Usource is based in Hampton, New Hampshire with a team well-versed in the complexities of the local energy market and the issues impacting local NH businesses.
  • Robust energy solutions – Our advisory services range from procurement to energy efficiency to on-site generation, allowing us to customize the right energy strategy to meet your budget needs and business objectives.
  • Unbiased competitive procurement process – Leverage Usource’s supplier network to get the best electric and natural gas pricing and contract terms with our fully transparent, unbiased bidding platform.

BIA of NH members can achieve budget certainty and cost savings when an energy strategy is in place. This energy program was established more than 10 years ago and to date, Usource has saved NH businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs annually.​

Usource will work with you to help build a long-term energy plan that takes the value from the future market to help you strategically control costs and generate savings.

Program Enrollment

Current State of the Energy Market

Lindt Case Study
Mount Sunapee Case Study 

For more information about this program or to get started today, click here, or call Maureen Callahan, Senior Energy Advisor at Usource at 603.957.8412. You can also email Usource at:

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