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NH Blue Book


The Handbook of New Hampshire Elected Officials

  • Biographical information on representatives and senators

  • Twitter & Facebook handles

  • Color photos

  • New Hampshire Lobbyists

The Handbook of New Hampshire Elected Officials, or "The Blue Book," is the definitive guide to "Who's Who" in New Hampshire politics. The Blue Book is your only resource to include profiles on elected officials for the 2023/2024 biennium. If you're going to have any interaction with state lawmakers, you'll want to consult your copy of the Blue Book first!

Get photos, committee assignments, and social media and contact information for the governor, executive councilors, state senators, and members of the House of Representatives. The Blue Book also includes, for returning lawmakers, their votes on a handful of key bills from the previous biennium.

The Blue Book contains other handy information, such as a list of New Hampshire state agencies, and a roster of registered lobbyists.

The Blue Book will only available in hard copy, so don't wait until they all run out. 

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Bulk orders

If you order 10 copies of the NH Blue Book, your charge will be $500. Contact to get this special pricing.

Are you a state rep or senator?

Elected officials get a discounted rate on their copies of the Blue Book, however, you cannot obtain that discount through this website. You can get your copy for $40 only at the State House Visitors' Center in early 2023.

 The Handbook of New Hampshire Elected Officials is complied and published by

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Blue Book Update
Special Elections
Due to a tie vote in the November 2022 general election, a special election was held Feb. 21, 2023, to determine the winner of Strafford District 8. The candidates, Democrat Chuck Grassie and Republican David Walker, are both listed in the Blue Book, which was produced prior to the special election. Grassie won the election to the House.
Democrat Marc Plamondon won a special election in Nashua’s Ward 4 on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, to replace Democrat Stacie-Marie Laughton, who resigned in December 2022.
Elected, but not sworn
David Cote, a Democrat, was elected to the House of Representatives for Hillsborough District 3 in the November 2022 election, but has not made himself available to be sworn in. Cote is listed in the Blue Book.
Rep. Stacie-Marie Laughton, a Democrat, resigned her House seat in Hillsborough District 3 in December and is not listed in the Blue Book.
Joshua  Adjutant, a Democrat from Grafton District 16, resigned on April 1, 2023
Benjamin R. Bartlett, a Republican from Rockingham District 1, resigned on April 26
Rep. Tim McGough was incorrectly not listed as a member of the House Resources, Recreation and Development Committee.