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Legislative Report

The Legislative Report is a new reader-friendly version of BIA’s annual Legislative Scorecard and Victories & Defeats for New Hampshire Businesses. The report includes stories on key policy victories, including a bipartisan budget that invests in crucial workforce development initiatives, including expanded Medicaid reauthorization, Medicaid reimbursement rate increases, housing development, postsecondary education and child care.

It also covers legislative priorities such as energy, workforce and economic development, fiscal policy, environmental regulations, employment law, education, health care and more. It provides lawmakers’ publicly recorded roll call votes on issues important to New Hampshire businesses, identifies key victories for employers, and honors “Policy Leaders” for their commitment to pro-economic growth policies and solutions.

The Legislative Report is the embodiment of a core tenet of BIA’s mission and purpose — educating the business community on how policymakers vote on business issues and holding policymakers accountable for their votes on these key issues.