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Legislative Review

That's a wrap

The House and Senate wrapped up the 2022 legislative session last Thursday when they returned one final time to vote on Committee of Conference reports. Committees of conference take place when there are differing House and Senate versions of the same bill. The intent is to try to find a compromise that both chambers can agree to.

The only thing to wait for now is to see how Gov. Chris Sununu will treat the legislation that reaches his desk. The Legislature will return one last time in the fall to address any vetoes from the governor, although given the political makeup of the House and Senate it seems unlikely.

Everyone's focus now will be on the fall elections. With a third of the Senate members already announcing they will not be running for re-election, and a large number of House members also packing it in, the only sure thing is that next year's House and Senate will look far different than this year.

This will be our final "Legislative Review" for the session. Have a great summer and we'll see you next year!