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Because state legislators and regulators make decisions every day that directly impact your cost of doing business in New Hampshire, BIA monitors and responds to broad-based issues that affect all aspects of your business, including:

  • Fiscal policy and state spending – changes to business taxes and the New Hampshire tax structure, as well as state spending, that impact your bottom line
  • Health care – legislative and regulatory decisions that affect cost and availability of healthcare services and insurance to you and your employees
  • Energy and telecommunications – policy and regulations that challenge your ability to cope with rising energy costs, decreasing supply and a competitive market
  • Environmental affairs – frequently changing state and federal environmental regulations and enforcement
  • Human resource issues – your obligations under labor law, health and safety regulation, employee-reporting requirements, and workers’ compensation
  • Information security and privacy – regulations that govern how you obtain and store customers’ electronic information and disclosure of business practices related to information security and privacy protection
  • Education – education funding and how the state’s educational system impacts your ability to hire and retain qualified workers
  • Economic development initiatives – efforts to promote New Hampshire’s strong business climate and help your business stay profitable and competitive in the regional, national and global economies