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Energy Symposium

The BIA presented a daylong symposium devoted to pressing energy matters in New Hampshire.

The rising cost of energy is a clear challenge for New Hampshire businesses, large and small. While we’ve heard much this year about the reasons why the cost of energy has risen, we believe it’s time to start looking at realistic solutions to provide immediate and long-term relief to granite state businesses who are struggling to pay their energy bills. Now, more than ever, New Hampshire needs cost-effective energy solutions to maintain a competitive business climate.

Energy graphic-for agenda page

Download the presentations from the December 7, 2022 Energy Symposium.

NHES 2022 Slide Deck - Armory

A Closer Look at the "All-of-the-Above Approach" to Diversifying the Energy Resource Mix

NHES 2022 Slide Deck - Pemigewasset

Oil and Gas Market Update

EVs & Charging Infrastructure in New Hampshire

Energy Security & Infrastructure for New England: Near-& Long-Term Solutions

Incentives, Programs, and Options for Large End Users