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Thank you for your interest in the Business & Industry Association. We give you the tools and resources to help you operate a successful business in New Hampshire.

What We Do

As New Hampshire's statewide chamber of commerce and leading business advocate, our mission is to promote a healthy climate for job creation and strong New Hampshire economy. Through advocacy with state legislators and regulators, we shape business-friendly public policy and provide counterbalance to legislation and regulations that threaten the growth and prosperity of New Hampshire business.

Why Join?

If you do business in New Hampshire, you’ll benefit from being a BIA member. We offer powerful, dynamic leadership and advocacy at the State Capitol, driving policies that promote a healthy climate for job creation and a strong New Hampshire economy. You’ll be part of the solution, helping drive job creation, economic growth, a fiscally responsible state government, and a healthy New Hampshire economy. Along with public policy advocacy, our members have access to our network of New Hampshire business leaders, policy makers, and opinion leaders.​

How Much Does it Cost to be a BIA Member?

Our annual dues are based on your enterprise's annualized New Hampshire payroll, starting at $290.00 per year.  The application will calculate your dues. Join today!

Need more information?

Reach out to Lora McMahon, Vice President of Events and Membership at the BIA. You can also call Lora at 603-224-5388 x 101.

Member benefits also include: