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10/15/2013 News Release
How they voted: 2013 Legislative Scorecard

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How they voted: 2013 Legislative Scorecard

CONCORD, N.H. – Oct. 15, 2013 – The Business and Industry Association – New Hampshire’s statewide chamber of commerce and leading business advocate – released its 2013 Legislative Scorecard. The scorecard summarizes key business-related legislation from the 2013 legislative session, reports and scores how each New Hampshire legislator voted, and indicates whether each vote was consistent with BIA’s pro-business position. It also identifies and applauds those legislators scoring particularly high, designating legislators scoring 70-85 percent a “Friend of Business” and those scoring 86-100 percent a “Champion of Business.”

“The votes in the 2013 Legislative Scorecard provide a snapshot of how well lawmakers represent the interests of the business community,” said BIA President Jim Roche. “It is one tool our members and the broader business community can use to evaluate their state representative or senator’s pro-business posture.”

While the scorecard is not all inclusive, Roche said, it does include a range of bills dealing with corporations law, fiscal and tax policy, labor issues, and environmental and energy policy. He also noted that many other bills that would have negatively impacted business never made it through the legislative process due to the work of pro-business legislators.

The 2013 scorecard tracks key votes from the House and Senate, which include:

  • HB 168, increasing the beer tax
  • HB 185, relative to the fuel oil discharge clean-up fund
  • HB 323, establishing the Franklin Partin Right-to-Work Act
  • HB 357, prohibiting an employer from using credit history in employment decisions
  • HB 361, relative to work-sharing
  • HB 443, prohibiting prison privatization
  • HB 516, establishing a committee to study the overlap of federal, state and local regulation relative to environmental issues
  • HB 598, relative to the reasonable compensation deduction under the business profits tax
  • SB 1, increasing the research and development tax credit
  • SB 41, revising the New Hampshire Business Corporations Act
  • SB 83, relative to the controlled drug prescription health and safety program
  • SB 99, requiring the site evaluation committee to direct a study of site evaluation criteria and establishing a committee to study the criteria for siting of wind-powered electric-generating facilities, other electric-generating facilities and transmission facilities (vote on moratorium amendment)
  • SB 100, authorizing electronic payment of payroll
  • SB 167, relative to groundwater

BIA established positions on dozens of other important business-related bills that do not appear in the Legislative Scorecard either because there was no roll-call vote, the bills were defeated in committee or they were retained in committee for later action. The BIA is a statewide, non-partisan advocacy group that is pro-business and fiscally conservative.

The following legislators scored 86 percent or higher and are designated a “Champion of Business:”

  • Sen. David Boutin (SD 16)
  • Sen. Jeb Bradley (SD 3)
  • Sen. Peter Bragdon (SD 11)
  • Sen. Sharon Carson (SD 14)
  • Sen. Sam Cataldo (SD 6)
  • Sen. Lou D’Allesandro (SD 20)
  • Sen. Jeanie Forrester (SD 2)
  • Sen. Peggy Gilmour (SD 12)
  • Sen. Andrew Hosmer (SD 7)
  • Sen. Molly Kelly (SD 10)
  • Sen. Bette Lasky (SD 13)
  • Sen. Chuck Morse (SD 22)
  • Sen. Bob Odell (SD 8)
  • Sen. David Pierce (SD 5)
  • Sen. Russell Prescott (SD 23)
  • Sen. Jim Rausch (SD 19)
  • Sen. John Reagan (SD 17)
  • Sen. Andy Sanborn (SD 9)
  • Sen. Nancy Stiles (SD 24)
  • Sen. David Watters (SD 4)
  • Rep. Patrick Abrami (Rockingham, 19)
  • Rep. James Belanger (Hillsborough, 27)
  • Rep. Regina Birdsell (Rockingham, 13)
  • Rep. Lester Bradley (Grafton, 6)
  • Rep. Richard Burchell (Belknap, 5)
  • Rep. Gene Chandler (Carroll, 1)
  • Rep. Gene Charron (Rockingham, 4)
  • Rep. Debra DeSimone (Rockingham, 14)
  • Rep. Ralph Doolan (Grafton, 1)
  • Rep. Joe Duarte (Rockingham, 2)
  • Rep. Dudley Dumaine (Rockingham, 4)
  • Rep. Robert Fesh (Rockingham, 6)
  • Rep. Donald Flanders (Belknap, 3)
  • Rep. Larry Gagne (Hillsborough, 13)
  • Rep. John Graham (Hillsborough, 7)
  • Rep. James Grenier (Sullivan, 7)
  • Rep. Mary Griffin (Rockingham, 7)
  • Rep. Robert Haefner (Hillsborough, 37)
  • Rep. David Hess (Merrimack, 24)
  • Rep. Kathleen Hoelzel (Rockingham, 3)
  • Rep. John Hunt (Cheshire, 11)
  • Rep. William Infantine (Hillsborough, 13)
  • Rep. Shawn Jasper (Hillsborough, 37)
  • Rep. Frank Kotowski (Merrimack, 24)
  • Rep. Donald LeBrun (Hillsborough, 32)
  • Rep. Richard LeVasseur (Hillsborough, 37)
  • Rep. Norman Major (Rockingham, 14)
  • Rep. Mark McConkey (Carroll, 3)
  • Rep. Charles McMahon (Rockingham, 7)
  • Rep. Harry Merrow (Carroll, 5)
  • Rep. David Milz (Rockingham, 6)
  • Rep. Kelleigh Murphy (Hillsborough, 7)
  • Rep. Bill Nelson (Carroll, 5)
  • Rep. John O’Connor (Rockingham, 6)
  • Rep. Tony Pellegrino (Hillsborough, 21)
  • Rep. Peter Ramsey (Hillsborough, 8)
  • Rep. Elisabeth Sanders (Rockingham, 12)
  • Rep. Stephen Schmidt (Carroll, 6)
  • Rep. Steven Smith (Sullivan, 11)
  • Rep. Joe Sweeney (Rockingham, 8)
  • Rep. Charlene Takesian (Hillsborough, 37)
  • Rep. David Thompson (Rockingham, 6)
  • Rep. Franklin Tilton (Belknap, 3)
  • Rep. Karen Umberger (Carroll, 2)

Another 102 legislators received the “Friend of Business” designation. Access their voting records and those of all incumbent House and Senate members by visiting the Newsroom at and clicking Publications -- > Legislative Scorecard.